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Report for Experiment 7 – Analysis of a Chemical Mixture Using the Ideal Gas Law


Use complete sentences, use the proper number of digits and/or significant figures, and include units. Erase all the words in italics and type your answers/information into this template (your text/answers shouldn’t be in italics).


Introduction: 2-sentence maximum; state the scientific purpose of the experiment. Describe the method you will use, in a general sense.


Procedure : Give a general and brief description of the experimental procedure (1-3 sentences is sufficient, you do not need to write a full procedure). Reference the experiment handout on the CH141 website. List any changes from the written procedure on the handout (if any).


Results : Your results for Experiment 7 are on your completed Supplemental Report Sheet. This can be added as an attachment to your report. No other information is necessary in the results section for this report.


Discussion :


Clearly state your experimental objective, and this should lead into a brief reporting of your average mass percentages of NaNO 2 and NaCl, as well as your % precision. 


Briefly discuss whether the % NaNO 2 in your unknown sample would have been larger than, smaller than, or no different from your calculated value if (a) the partial pressure of water was ignored in the calculations, and (b) the amount of sulfamic acid added to the reaction was tripled.


A common error that influences experiment data is an inconsistency in the collection temperature inside the buret , since temperature is measured only in the water bulb. The buret temperature tends to be higher for trial 2 vs. trial 1 (and sometimes trial 3 vs. trial 2). Theoretically, how would this error affect the final results? Make sure to analyze the effect of the error all the way from the measurement of N 2 gas volume to the final percent of NaNO 2 . Was this error significant for your data and results? Clearly explain your conclusion.




Your completed Supplemental Report Sheet