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Report for Experiment 6 – Using Calorimetry to Determine the Enthalpy of Formation of Magnesium Oxide


Use complete sentences, use the proper number of digits and/or significant figures, and include units. Erase all the words in italics and type your answers/information into this template (your text/answers shouldn’t be in italics).


Introduction: 2-sentence maximum; state the scientific purpose of the experiment. Describe the method you will use, in a general sense.


Procedure : Give a general and brief description of the experimental procedure (1-3 sentences is sufficient, you do not need to write a full procedure). Reference the experiment handout on the CH141 website. List any changes from the written procedure on the handout (if any).


Results : Your results for Experiment 6 are the Excel graphs that you produced during the laboratory period, and your completed Supplemental Report Sheet. These can be added as attachments to your report. Make sure these attachments are properly labeled. No other information is necessary in the results section for this report.


Discussion : Briefly describe the results of each reaction calorimetry experiment (Mg and MgO). Make sure to refer to your specific results/attachments.


Clearly explain how your data were used quantitatively to determine the enthalpy of formation of MgO. Be complete and specific to your data.


Report your experimental value of ∆H˚ f (MgO), your percent accuracy, and include the cited literature value that you used to calculate your accuracy.


One possible (systematic) error in this experiment is incomplete reaction of the MgO (s), which is evident from solid that remains in the calorimeter after the temperature rise/fall has completed. If the MgO (s) did not completely react, how would this theoretically affect the final experimental value of ∆H˚ f (MgO)? Be specific in your answer. Did the MgO (s) completely react when you carried out the experiment and did it affect your experimental value for∆H˚ f (MgO)?




Your labeled and titled Excel graphs that were used to determine temperature changes (data tables are not necessary). Include equations for the trend lines with R 2 values.


Your completed Supplemental Report Sheet