New Data has been posted for East Pond.   Go to the East Pond link below for full details.   The most interesting observation is large swings in Secchi depth and the first signs of stratification (sad) on 7/1/2008.

East Pond June 6

The lake is experiencing a moderate bloom with Secchi depths shallowing to 2.5 meters.   The lake is well mixed at 17.5 oC and is saturated with oxygen.   We deployed the temperature sensors at DEP1.   See the East Pond link for all the data.

Colby and UMO researchers sampled both East and North Ponds on 5/22/2008.   Both lake are well mixed with temperature at 15 oC.   Secchi depths in East Pond have deepened to over over 5 meters with North Pond Secchi at a little over 3 meters.  A thermistor array was deployed in the middle of North Pond to record temperatures at eight depths every 10 minutes through the summer season.

On 5/14 East Pond has warmed 5 degrees in the last 1.5 weeks, is vertically well mixed, and the oxygen is at 100% saturation at all depths.  The Secchi depth has deepened by 0.6 meters to 3. 5 meters in the last 11 days.   This deepening is consistent with the fluorescence profile that shows significantly less chlorophyll in the top 2 meters.

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