Study Session?

Would anyone be interested in a study sesh on Monday afternoon at 3?

Question 9 on the practice exam

Hey guys. I do not question 9 on the practice exam. Aren't we supposed to use the fact that there is an unpaired electron to explain  the paramagnetism of aluminium?

Message board

Please check the message board when you get a chance!  (It's about the exam.)

Check the message board (please)!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your first week of classes. I know Chem 145 Lab and Lecture are going to be your favorite...

Lab begins next week: Section A is on Tuesday from 1-4pm and Section B is on Wednesday from 1-4pm.

Your first laboratory handout and assignment are already posted:  Be sure to complete and email me the pre-lab assignment by Noon the day of your lab section.

If you have any trouble accessing your Google Apps or the lab wiki please let me know right away-before the day of your lab!

Also, check your email for further communications.

See you all soon!


Welcome to CH145!

Please check out the weekly assignments page to see what's going on this first week.

Your first exam ...

... is next Monday (10/4).  Please see the Examinations page for more info


 I know learning Excel was exhilarating for all of you. Some reminders for next weeks lab which is posted on the lab wiki.

  • There will be a pre-lab quiz! Make sure to come on-time and fully prepared... read the textbook sections and lab hand-out.
  • Also, make sure you have properly formatted your lab notebook- come see me if you have any questions.
  • Remember-You need to write the procedure in your lab notebook before you come to lab (this will help you get out of lab early and will prepare you for lab).

See you all next week!

Please sign up for your first office meeting with me, which should take place next week.  There are more than enough times for everybody, so hopefully it won't be a problem.  Please see the office meeting sign-up page ..

Exam 3 moved!

Hey, so it was pointed out to me that the third exam was on a holiday ... so it has been moved to the Tuesday of that week (November 30th) and will now be in Arey 5.  It will remain as a 7:30 start time.  Please update your syllabus.

Welcome to CH145!

Hey folks! Welcome to CH145, Honors General Chemistry.  Please don't forget to purchase your textbook from the bookstore and Mastering Chemistry code from the Mastering Chemistry website.  Instructions for registration and enrollment into the homework system can be found on the CH145 main page. 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Let's do this ...

Last Homework

I had mentioned this in lecture, but realized I never posted it on the website ... your last homework assignment is due on Friday.

Back to business ...

I hope everyone had a nice week.  I assume you were doing nothing but reading about coordination complexes ... Well, in any case, time to buckle down and finish off these last couple of weeks in grand style.  A few orders of business ....

  • So, the last lab has been posted.  Don't forget that there's a pre-lab quiz!
  • You have a homework assignment due on Wednesday!
  • You have an exam on Thursday
Lab practical sign-up ...

... is now available on the CH145 Laboratory webpage .  It is the same format as the sign-up page for the "Kevin Meetings".