Lesson 3 - Åttachments
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 Colby chemistry students collecting water samples through the ice on Snow Pond.

Attach another document to this page. Enter the Edit mode and hover over the Insert/Edit Link (the funny globe icon) and click Attachment, then use the Browse button to select a file, this will transfer the file to the Colby server (but not attach to the Wiki).  The final step is to select the file from the attachment file list and click OK.  This will link the file. My example is listed below:

 Colby is great.txt

The logic for naming the buttons in the attachment window seems backwards (OK attaches and Attach transfers) .....  another example that computers really are programed by humans.

As you can see above, attached images can be displayed on your page, but, to do that you must use the Insert/Edit Image button from the toolbar.

Many types of attachments are indexed for Confluence search. Try the Search control in the upper right to see if your attachment is indexed.


Enter text in the search box that you know is present in your attachment, then press the Search button.


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