Confluence Directions
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The following are some directions for using the Confluence Wiki


Confluence is a wiki. Wiki-wiki is Hawaiian for very quick. A wiki has been defined as the simplest online database that could possibly work.  A wiki allows for simple and quick web publishing by a group of people. 

Below are instructions to complete your homework assignment.  For a more complete tutorial, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

How to Edit a Wiki Page (Note: for full editing capabilities, Mac users should use Firefox and PC users Firefox or Internet Explorer)

Editing a wiki page is quite simple. You don't need to download the page to your computer. To edit: just select the edit tab (top of the page), type in your changes/additions, and then press the Save button. (I wouldn't recommend making a lot of changes to this page... be patient, you will have your own page to play with soon!)

How to Learn Confluence

The following tutoriual emphasizes learning by doing. Please progress through the examples and then try adding your data to your orientation Wiki.


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