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Native American Religion and Empowerment: Anthropology 354 (Anderson)

"Native American sacred ways of speaking, acting, knowing, and creating in diverse historical and contemporary cultural contexts. Indigenous views and practices are studied as a groundwork for interpretive and theoretical formulations about the role of religion in Native American history, culture, and language. Native American religious traditions considered as dynamic modes of survival, empowerment, and renewal in the face of Euro-American domination. Indigenous, anthropological, and Euro-American perspectives on religion are brought into balanced dialogue and exchange."

Environmental Policy: Environmental Studies 233 (Nyhus)

"A comprehensive and interdisciplinary introduction to the process and challenges of developing, implementing, and evaluating environmental policy. The role of costs and benefits, uncertainty and risks, science and technology, and attitudes and ethics are explored. Historic and contemporary case studies are used to examine major institutions and actors, laws and regulations, incentives and enforcement approaches, and their role in addressing our nation's most pressing environmental problems."


Indigenous Peoples and Cultures of North America: Anthropology 211 (Anderson)

"An ethnographic survey of the sociocultural systems developed by indigenous Americans north of Mexico. Examines relationships between ecological factors, subsistence practices, social organizations, and belief systems, along with contemporary issues of change, contact, and cultural survival."

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