Landscapes and Scenes: Projects 10 & 11
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Previous work:

Cross With a Man

This image was from project 4, and I'd like to start this off by saying that I am, in no way, religious, though I felt particularly inspired for this piece, as I had recently had a heated discussion with a friend who was religious, that should God exist, would he be worth praising?  Anywho, long story short, no.  He's gotten enough of that already.  Do you spend your days thanking your great to the millionth grandparents for having children?  No.  The point is, if God existed, and if our praise mattered, then that god not only be incredibly vain for demanding these thousands of years of worship, but conceited as well, for demanding worship from a world that it had left alone for a long long time.  I may have gotten off-topic, but the points remain; this wasn't inspired by anyone in particular, and religion is a lie.

Optical Cubes

I designed this after the popular illusion of making 3D cubes using parallelograms, and while the project (9, to be exact) asked that I formed a grid, I was dead set on creating this illusion, since the code technically formed a grid using a motif of three different parallelograms.  I was excited by using nested for loops to get both x and y repetition of shapes, creating a scalable image.  We were working with M. C. Escher at the time, and I found his optical illusions to be particularly interesting, and that set my mind on repeating scalable drawings that were similar.

Project 10:

Cross Decomposition

The project began by asking that we alter one of our shapes using a series of methods of drawing lines such as jitter and dots to varying degrees.  The scene wasn't modeled after anything in particular.

Scenic View

The project saw that I made an impressionistic scene using jitter and dot methods.  I wasn't inspired by any artist of work in particular, but a brief google search age me some inspiration as to how jittered I should make my objects

Scenic View (But Worse)

I was meant to create my own l-system, and so I did, with no particular inspiration in mind, and it ended up rather hideous.  While it satisfied the conditions of the initial project, it remains downright fugly, and as such, it is something of a bastard child among my other scenes.

Project 11:

Spastic Tree

This piece was inspired by the usage of recursive functions defined during the lab, and styles from the previous project.  I was somewhat inspired by the random elements of the jitter function when taken to its extreme, and by the tapering style of recursive functions.

Nighttime Mountains

I wasn't inspired by anything in particular - I just wanted to make a darker scene.  I suppose that if it had to be defined, I would say it falls under the realm of surrealism.

Peaceful Castle

I was called down midway through my project to look through family photos of a trip we had taken to Warwick castle, and while the image may not be incredibly complex, it makes use of recursive functions in the tower and the jitter style in the sun.


Looking back on this semester, there were some tough times where I can comfortably say I had no idea as to what was happening, but as time went on, I realized that I was still learning, even if it felt like I was behind.  It was at that point that I realized all that I did know, and how to more effectively plan out and use that information and knowledge to my advantage.  That also made learning that much easier, as it became easier to acknowledge things I had yet to understand.  I have really enjoyed learning these new skills, especially since I have never really interacted with coding in any capacity before, and so this really was all new.  Now I think I have developed a real interest in learning a new language, and finding ways to apply that knowledge.


I have to acknowledge Bruce Maxwell for all that he has done for my class and I this semester.  He is truly a fantastic person for his capacity for both teaching and kindness, and we are all truly appreciative of that.

Next, I have to thank Sam Schultz for being my study-buddy throughout the semester.  The same goes for Jenna Hersch.

Finally, I have to thank the TA's for all they have done to help me through all of my inane problems.

Thank you, everybody.  You are the people who have made this such an enjoyable semester.