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For this project, we built a circuit that had a predefined small set of instructions which is implemented through a state machine. This created a programmable light display, on which the three red LEDs represent input bits, which is read into the state machine, from which it decides what the output should be, which is what is represented with the 8 green LEDs. A 1 in the byte (8 bits) means the light is on, while a 0 means it is off. There are 8 possible instructions, meaning we are using 3 bit input, and the light register (LR) holds 8 bits, which hold the numbers we will manipulate using the instructions that come from the 3 former bits.

Task 1 was to create a new project in Quartus. We refer to it as "lights". Incidentally, this project is the first time we were required to do all of the work in VHDL, without any block diagram files. 

Task 2 was to create the initial file with the instructions in it, referred to as "lightrom."  The program needs to have two things connected to it: "addr", which counts up from 0000 to 1111, and "data", which is the output of numbers we send to the next file to be interpreted as instructions. All this file is doing is sending certain outputs for "data" based on how far up "addr" has counted. A picture is below.

Task 3 was to make "lights", the VHD file that would control what the lights do based on what instructions are received. "IRView" is the vector output that controls the 3 red LEDs, "lights" is the output for the 8 green lights, and there is also an internal clock ("clk") as well as a reset button. PC takes in the "addr" bits, which are counting up, IR is where the instructions are stored, and LR is the output for the green LEDs. For the process, we reset all of these if reset is pressed, and if not, the clock begins ticking. As the time moves up and the cases are cycled through, LR's value is decided by instructions, given through when statements. For example, if IR is 000, then LR has 00000000 loaded into it. At the end of the file, we also output IRview as the red lights and lights as the green lights. My code is shown below:

Task 4 was to make sure we were importing the lightrom into this file so the corresponding inputs and outputs could connect. We just had to add the lightrom file as a component right after the start of the architecture section, then create an instance of it before the main process begun and after the architecture statements. 

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