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This was our second project using L-systems. In this project, we made them by creating classes and methods inside of those functions. In this project, we made trees more complex by having multiple rule L systems. 

The first task was creating five additional characters to help us draw a tree with colored leaves. For the first required image, I used four of the tree L-Systems. Using looping, I made it so the trees went up diagonally across the screen by looping through a list of trees. I also made each tree increase in iterations each time through the loop which means you can increase iterations by controlling how many times to loop. In addition, I made the the positioning scalable so you could place this picture wherever. (

For the second task, we had to create two new L systems and place them throughout the picture with different iterations. I did something similar to the where I increased iterations each time through a loop. I looped through a list of four trees where iterations was a function of the tree index. The top two rows of trees are my L-systems. They're variations of trees from the algorithmic botany with an additional characters to change trunk color and berries attached. 


1) I added characters to my turtle interpreter to add berries/fruits, trunk color, and color of branches. 

2)  By passing the '&' string to systemGL.txt, I made the leaves squares. I also made triangles by passing the ';' string to systemDL.txt

3) All of these came together in modifying the trees. I added variations to each tree to make it more interesting by creating strings and adding them in the Lsystems to make them a little more interesting. This extension was kind of a culmination of the first two extensions. 

I learned a lot about Lsystems and how to call methods from classes. 


TA Mike

Olivia Stein