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Producer (& stenographer):  Hannah

Game Designer:  Adam

Programmer:  Kevin

Artist (video):  Sarah

Artist (audio):  Adam

Tester:  Dan

Many Icebergs Lots of FUN!!

Read our design documents.

We want to keep the mood of this game light-hearted and happy.  The graphics will be pleasing, yet simplistic, and we want the music to be cheerful.
Premise - A penguin must navigate through a field of icebergs.  Jumping to the center of a berg will leave the penguin in a stable position, but jumping to either side causes the berg to start spinning.  A player must move quickly though the game to avoid sliding off the side of a spinning iceberg.  As a player progresses, the icebergs grow smaller, are farther apart, and spin faster, so speed becomes a more important factor.  A berg also dissolves after the penguin jumps on it once, so there is no safety net below the penguin should it fall off a higher berg.  Falling off the icebergs (down the screen) ends the game.

Ideas in Progress:

 - We have discussed the possibility of using the mouse or the keyboard to control the penguin.  The mouse seems to have greater control of human coordination, but it makes playing the game on a laptop more difficult.

- We considered adding an end to the game so that at some point a player could reach a check- or endpoint insread of continuing on together.

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