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  • Goal: Destroy enemy tanks by shooting them with bullets or missiles and placing mines
    • Bullets ricochet when shot at an angle less than 75 degrees to surface. Each tank will be limited to having 5-6 live bullets on the map at a time
    • Missiles explode on contact with other objects
    • Mines will explode after a set period OR on coming in contact with other objects
    • Missiles and mines will do area damage
  • At the beginning of the game, the player dies with the first hit
  • Colliding tanks will not receive damage--they will simply block each other
  • At the lower levels, the enemy tanks will display their health status by changing color when hit (they may turn red when they have one strike left)
  • Walls in center of map will take 4 strikes to destroy
    • Each bullet will cause 1 strike
    • Each missile will cause 2 strikes
    • A single mine will cause 4 strikes and take a wall out in a single hit
  • There will be shielding and speed-boosting drops whose effects will last for a limited time
  • At the end of each level, players will be given the opportunity to "buy" armor and weapons upgrades
    • Upgraded armor will allow players to take additional hits
    • Upgraded weapons may be both more powerful (do 5 damage instead of 2) and shoot faster. Upgraded bullets may ricochet more
    • Upgrades will be purchased using money earned by shooting other tanks.  Harder tanks give you more gold
    • There may also be a speed upgrade for the tank. However, this will be a once-only upgrade
  • At higher levels:
    • Better (more expensive) upgrades will be offered
    • The number of tanks will increase
    • Walls and items on the map may move around (there may be hopping boxes/walls that teleport all over the map)



  • Top-down view of tanks 
    • Player's tank will always spawn in the bottom-left corner
    • Enemy tanks will always spawn somewhere in the upper-right half of the map


  • WASD keys used to move tank
  • Mouse used for aiming
    • There will be cross-hairs and a projectile preview as you move your mouse--similar to that on the wii
    • At lower levels, the projectile preview may even display ricochet paths 
  • Shooting:
    • Left-click to shoot bullets
    • Space-bar to launch missiles
    • Command key to place mines


  • Health/armor bar (shield icons)
  • Recharge bar for missile launcher
  • Mine inventory


  • The turret will need to be separate from the tank such that it can be moved individually
  • Ricochet and damage rules apply only to the "wooden" obstacles in the center of the map. The "metal" boundaries will always ricochet bullets at least once
  • A level cap has yet to be determined
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