How to put FIGURES and TABLES on the WIKI!
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1. Open your figure/table of interest in Microsoft word.

2. Zoom into the image so that it fits in the biggest screen possible.
(This is important because you are literally going to take a picture of the screen and you want it to be as big- and visible as possible BUT you dont want it to be off the screen. Let me know if you have things you need clarified).

3. Press the ALT Key and Print Screen key (right hand corner) if you are on a PC
(MAC USERS: use APPLE key and SHIFT and 4, then select the area you want a screen shot of)

4. Go to Start/Programs/IrfanView/IrfanView 4.0

5. Paste (Ctrl 'v') the image in IrfanView

6. Select the image in IrfanView (your cursor is a plus sign you that you can click and drag to make a box around the area you want to select), then go to Edit/Crop OR press Ctrl 'y' on your keyboard

7. In IrfanView go to Image/Resize/Resample and click on the 640 X 480 pixels (right hand corner).

8. Go to File/Save As
-Select JPEG (or JPG) in file format.

-Name the image with ES493_the first two initials of your topic _and the figure number (without the periods), For example:
----Private Land Figure 4.5 would look like ES493_PL_Fig45
----table 4.1 would be: ES493_PL_Tab41
----map 4.4 would be: ES493_PL_Map44

-Where to save them: (I'll update this) There will be a JPEG Folder in the COMPLETED REPORTS folder in the WORK folder in ES493.


1. Open the emf copy of your map
2. copy the map (Edit/copy OR Ctrl 'C')
3. Open IrfanView in Start/Programs/IrfanView/IrfanView 4.0
4. Edit/Paste the map in IrfanView
5. FOLLOW STEPS 6, 7 and 8 from the above figures and tables instructions

HOW TO PUT JPEGS (your newly saved figures,tables and maps) UP ON THE WIKI
1. Go to the page of the wiki that you want to put your figures, tables and maps into.
2. Go to Edit/Edit Attachments
3. Browse to each JPEG file and Attach it.
4. Go to "Edit this page" menu and click on the Insert/Edit image icon (this is the 6th icon from the right)
5. Click on the particular figure/table/map that you want and under Alignment pick either left or right (make sure you switch these up) and then click OK.

****note: Do not resize your images in the wiki, since we have a standard size.}}

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