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BIOLSI, DEADLIEST ENEMIES (Racism in border towns and checkerboard reservation in South Dakota) 

BRODEUR, RESTITUTION (1983) (Three New Yorker articles on the 1980 Maine Indian Land Claims settlement)

BROWN, BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE (Indian history of the American West)

DIAMOND, GUNS, GERMS & STEEL (Germs from Eurasia as instruments of conquest of the americas, with domesticated large mammals as vectors)

KROEBER, ISHI, LAST OF HIS TRIBE (Sole survivor of California tribe befriended by Berkeley anthropologist)  

LAZARUS, BLACK HILLS, WHITE JUSTICE (A chronicle of the Sioux land claims case by the son of the leading attorney for the tribes)

PHILBRICK, MAYFLOWER (History of accomodation and conflict leading up to King Phillip's war in Rhode Island and Massachusetts)

OBAMA, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER (Exploration of racial identity in Hawaii, Indonesia and Chicago and tribal family roots in Kenya) 

STRUNK  AND WHITE, THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE (Timelsss writers guide to clarity, form and conciseness, in 71 pages)

WILKINSON, AMERICAN INDIANS, TIME AND THE LAW (1987) (Concise and clear advocates's perspective on Indian law)


1000 Roads (Chris Eyre) (Four 15-minute portraits of Native Americans living in two worlds,  Mohawk, Navajo, Aleut and Peruvian.  Used as introduction by National Museum of the American Indian in Washington) 

Amistad  (Slave trade from west Africa on trial in U.S. Court)  

Casino Jack and the United States of Money (Saga of lobbyist for one tribe opposing another tribe's casino)

Invisible (James Francis) (Strong statment about the effects of Boarding School/assimilation policies on Maine Indians). 

Rabbit Proof Fence (Australian boarding school girls escape to aboriginal home)   See comment by Tim Giago, prominent Native American journalist:  [

TRIBAL NATIONS: The Story of Indian Law (DVD of law professors and tribal leaders describing pendulum of Indian law and policy).

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