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Weekly OPI Cleaning

Daily Startup Items

1.Turn on Argon at blue tanks.   Set the 1/2 empty tank pressure at 140 PSI and the full tank at 130 PSI.
2. Turn on the water cooler on the floor using the On/Off Switch on the back, right corner. 
3. Turn on hood exhaust (probably already on)

4.  Clamp ICP pump tubing.  Clamp autosampler pump tubing.   Both tubes should be clamped in top to bottom so that the liquid that travels through the tubes goes the same direction as the wheel (clockwise).  Check that waste vessel is empty and autosampler rinse tank is full (3% HNO3, trace metal grade).


5. Start Spectro software on Dell computer.

6. Open method (the last method used is the default)

7. Check system status for errors.  Correct system stetting are shown below

*To see system status click on the system tab in lower portion of window.

8. Flush with argon using the F-> Icon.  This will take 5 minutes
9. Ignite plasma using plasma icon.  This will take 2 minutes.

10. Start the pump using the Pump (P) icon.   Flush the system with 3% HNO3 or Q-water for 30 minutes. 

11. Check OPI pressure.  It should be around  5 PSI.

12. Check the nebulizer pressure: 41 PSI for Mod Lickte and 45 PSI for Scott Cross Flow

Performing Measurements 

1. Start the instrument as described above

2. Perform ICAL if not completed in the last week. (see instrument log).
3.  Standardize the instrument using a blank and the high concentration standard. This step only updates the slope and intercept of a previously run calibration curve.  (this is update slope and intercept for old Leeman users)

4. Run the check standards and recalibrate using all standards if check standards fail (Calibration).

5. The instrument is ready to measure samples.


1. Start and warm up instrument.

2. Find the iCalization solution and  have it  ready next to the instrument.

3. Load your method

4. Flush the sample introduction system with 3% HNO3 for 5 minutes and Q-Water for 5 minutes. (the instrument introduction system must be clean!!!)

5. Select the function "ICALization" in the "System" menu.

6. Follow the instructions displayed by the software. 

Instrument Shutdown

1.  Flush the sample introduction system for 5 minutes with 3% HNO3.

2.  Flush the sample introduction system for 5 minutes with Q-water. 

3. Flush the sample introduction system for 5 minutes with Air.

4. Select the Analysis View and extinguish plasma by pressing the Plasma icon. 

5. Exit the software

6.  Turn off cooling water

7. Turn off Argon

8. Release pump tube clamps on BOTH the ICP pump and Autosampler pump. 

9. Clean OPI surface with Q tip and isopropyl alcohol taking care not to push particles into the optic hole.

9. Do not turn off power to instrument.    

Weekly Shutdown Items

1. Remove OPI according to directions on page 36 of manual.   REMOVE THE SAMPLER FROM THE OPI (CAUTION THE OPI HAS A $400 MGF2 WINDOW THAT DISSOLVED IN WATER!!!) Clean the sampler in running water using a test tube brush.  

2. Inspect the OPI lens and clean as described on page 38 if needed.  Please see cautions in step 1.

3. Reassemble the OPI and return to instrument

4. Check the gas cleaning cartridge to ensure that the top end of the cartridge is still blue.  Order a new cartridge when the cartridge is less than 25% blue.

5. Inspect pump tubing and replace every 16 hours of use.

Monthly Shutdown Items

1. Check gas cleaning cartridge.

2. Check air filter

3. Check and clean torch box and nebulizer.   Use acid to clean tourch and spray chambers.  Do not clean nebulizers in acid.   The epoxy used in assembly is not stable in acid.

Installing New Nebulizer or Spray Chamber

Each new nebulizer and spray chamber need their own iCal reference file.

1. Run the instrument using a calibrated spray chamber and nebulizer and run an iCalization.

2. Install new nebulizer and spray chamber.

3. In the system menus create a new ICAL reference spectra from an existing ICAL reference spectra.

4. Add this new ICAL reference to your methods file.


1. Check with Chuck or Whitney with ICP problems

2.  Record the problem in the instrument log

3. If service is required complete the attached Field Service Request Form.

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