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Government Documents. 

Congressman Frank R. Wolf: Issues and Legislation:Journey Through Hallowed Ground.  

    Official Statements by the Congressman as submitted to the Congressional Record.   

Library of Congress -

    Search for 'Journey Through Hallowed Ground to track legislation.' 

Testimony by Peyton Knight of the National Center for Public Policy on JTHG legislation.

Newspaper Articles.  

The Free Lance Star, Fredericksburg, VA.  

    General Overview of the Heritage Area.

Web Links.

The Heritage Foundation - 

    The Heritage Foundation sees the JTHG as an assault on property rights.  See web link for more information. 

Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership -

    The organization that will receive the federal funding.  See also JTHGP Board of Directors -

Liberty Matters is a public policy group dedicated to current issues of "constitutional consequence."  See their brief on the JTHG legislation -     

Loudoun County Citizens for Property Rights -

    A local community group opposed to the JTHG NHA.   

National Trust for Historic Preservation -

    A group in favor of the JTHG NHA.  Follow the link to explore the trust's mission statement.   

Project 21 -

    An African American activist organization strongly opposed to JTHG based on the claimed property rights assaults on minority populations.   

Piedmont Environmental Council -

    PEC is a main sponser of the JTHG NHA and they are a very successful national environmental organization.  It has a lot of political clout and a lot of resources.   

Wikipedia - National Heritage Area.

    This web link provides a basic definition of a National Heritage Area.   

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