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Project 1 attempts to use functions and simple knowledge of turtle commands to construct shapes in a low risk environment. A lot of focus is on understanding how to achieve more with little code. In that sense, the project required more thinking and less coding. The project starts by creation of simple shapes and tests the users design ability by asking us to combine the shapes and then demonstrate applications of functions by introducing the idea of parameters. Parameters allow us to change input values and affect certain variables like size or distance between two graphics. Lastly by letting us do extensions, the project lets us discover something interesting that we may not have thought about like colors or the idea of nesting functions and recalling certain functions in combinations or randomization.



A brief summary of the project, in your own words. This should be no more than a few sentences. Give the reader context and identify the key purpose of the assignment.

Writing an effective abstract is an important skill. Consider the following questions while writing it.

  • Does it describe the CS concepts of the project (e.g. writing well-organized and efficient code)?
  • Does it describe the specific project application?
  • Does it describe your the solution or how it was developed (e.g. what code did you write/circuits did you build)?
  • Does it describe the results or outputs (e.g. did your code work as expected)?
  • Is it concise?
  • Are all of the terms well-defined?
  • Does it read logically and in the proper order?

Although it took me a few hours in the lab and TA help, I am happy with how my first project turned out.


Task 1:

Do this per task

I used basic turtle commands to create a simple shape as shown above. A combination of forward and left and right helped me create this.