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Contribution to Group ProjectProject 

My primary role in Virtuality was audio art lead.  I created a 2-min long background soundtrack, using GarageBand and its loops, for the project.  Following is the audio sample: space_normal.mp3.


In addition to my primary role, I helped my group install the booth, specifically the curtains and pedal, for the project.  Although I was mostly not involved in coding throughout the project, I did help my group troubleshoot the issue with the terrain&character generating script (Unity & C#).  Lastly, I served as a documenter and recorded the progress of our project by taking pictures and documenting our ideas and brainstorming.  Below photos are some examples.


Group Report

The following link is my group project report: Virtuality's Group Project Report: Matthew Maring, Mufaddal Ali, Natalie Lunbeck, Tommy DeAngelo, Yueying Zhu, Hyeon-Seung (Alex) Yu