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To obtain the images below, I ran and its function test2() and typed test.txt on the command line.  For the first image, my base string was F+F+F+F+F+F+ and angle was 60.  This will draw a hexagon.  For the second image, my base string was F+F++F+F++ and angle was 60.  This will draw a diamond shape.



Without any doubt, this project was the hardest CS project that I have ever done.  I both enjoyed and disliked designing 3D shapes (if you know what I mean).  One thing that still bothers me is that I was not able to figure out how to give interactivity to the user to see the result immediately.

Sources, imported libraries, and collaborators:

I imported following libraries: turtle_interpreter, turtleTk3D, shape, sys, random, tree, and lsystem.  I received a lot of help from professor Skrien and Eaton.  I did not reference any source in this project.