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I created a new L-system named lsystem.txt. Although this one is not stochastic, it is parameterized.  With modval values, I was able to construct strings with different angles and widths.  The concept of my system was to construct polygons with fewer sides as iteration increases and more rules are added.  The result was similar to rotating triangle shape 36 times by 10 degrees.  To obtain the image below, I ran and typed lsystem.txt 4 100 normal dotted on the command line.  lsystem.txt is the filename, 4 is the iteration number, 100 is the distance, and normal dotted is the style.

  • Add other drawing styles. For example, try making one that simulates a brush by drawing many approximately parallel lines. Slight variations in color between the different lines makes the effect better. You might also try a pen-and-ink style with cross-hatching or just a series of straight lines at an angle to the direction of the actual line. Note although you are welcome to implement dashed and broken styles, they will not be counted as extensions.