BC368 Examinations

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Information on the two midterm examinations and the final exam will be posted here at least a week in advance of the exam.



Exam 1: Tuesday, March 13th, during class

The first exam will cover lecture (through Thursday, March 1) and the reading (chapters 11; 12; 13; 14:1-3,5; 15:1-2). Expect questions to come from both sources. You will be provided a list of any necessary equations and constants. You must bring the calculator specified for this course in the Colby bookstore.

Regarding "what you need to know", the official position is that anything in the assigned reading or lecture is fair game, but I'm happy to add the following context to my expectations.

  • Chapter 11: This chapter was also covered in BC367, so any questions here would be relatively high-level.
  • Chapter 12: You should certainly be familiar with the key features of the major classes of signal transduction mechanisms. You should know the beta-adrenergic receptor pathway fairly thoroughly.
  • Chapter 13: This chapter represents a pretty important foundation, but is relatively straight-forward (i.e. not a lot of proteins, molecules, and pathways to memorize).
  • Chapter 14: We did not cover section 4 yet. You should know all the metabolites and enzymes for glycolysis, but not the details of the electron pushing mechanisms or exact values for delta G (though knowing which are reversible and which are thermodynamically irreversible is important). Understand the point of fermentation and some of the mechanisms. Know the point of the pentose phosphate pathway - what goes in and what comes out, but don't memorize every metabolite and enzyme.
  • Chapter 15: Only the first two sections. Expect questions here to be relatively high-level as well. We'll get into the details of regulation once we've learned more pathways.

For all other questions that begin with "Do we need to know ...", assume the answer is 'yes' given the exam coverage spelled out above. If you still feel compelled to ask such a question, please do so on the BC368 Message Board.