Jonathan's CS151 Project 11

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The first task asked us to create 4 new 3D shape methods. These methods were added on the our shapes class in the shapes file. All of the shapes were created by strings that get read in by our TurtleInterpreter class. Branching played a key role in coming up with the shapes and strings, as it allowed us to create more efficient strings. Below is an image showing my 4 new shapes:

I created a box, a house, a chair and a 3D triangle.

Task 2: For task 2 we were asked to make at least one of our functions recursive. I decided to choose my 3D triangle class, and to make my 3D triangle recursive. Below is my new 3D triangle function that uses recursion: Image Added

Task 3:

Task 3 asked us to incorporate the new shapes we created to make a scene. The scene could be abstract, artistic or realistic. I decided to make my scene realistic. My scene includes a bedroom that has a bed, 2 night stands, a lamp, flowers and tiled flooring. I used 3D methods for creating all of the shapes within the scene. Below is my scene for Task 3: