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BloonsMaking Indie Game- TGB Tutorials

Links to Reviewed Games



Pacman review Jamison Sawyer

Portal- David Cain

Plants vs Zombies- David Cain

Portal Review James Staley


UPGRADE COMPLETE! review (Thomas Williams)

??Eliza's PacMan Review

Game Art

Link game art pages here


Link portfolios here

Jamison Sawyer art

GUI Building

Overview of GUI types

Common Issues:

  • GUI is not appearing when level runs
    • game.cs brings in the mainScreenGUI with "Canvas.setContent(mainScreenGUI)" Make sure you've been editing ~/game/gui/mainScreen.gui or if you've made a new GUI file, be sure to put a "Canvas.setContent(<file>)" line in your game.cs
    • Torque has the annoying habit of appending an extra file extension when saving a GUI in the GUI Builder (i.e. saving to mainScreen.gui.gui). Make sure you save to the right file.
  • Text can't be styled in the GUI
    • The solution is to create a GUI profile then apply the profile to the desired GUI elements. A list of available fields to style the profile can be found here.


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