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nscc has 10 Symmetric Multiprocessors nodes, each with 8 processors. Two nodes have 32gig of ram and ram, the other  next five have 72gig, with the remaining three each having 96 gig of ram. The master node has  720gig of hard drive space, with each node having redundant 36 gig drives. The first two nodes are using the Intel X5450 3.0 Ghz cpus and the other eight use the X5560 cpus at 2.8GHz. Those nodes are close to 30% faster than the first two\! Each machine is connected with 1gig Ethernet, which has not been a limitation, as the processes we have been doing are pretty low I/O. Each of the nodes is also capable of addressing the netapp filer storage arraygiving it access to many terabyte of storage. You can access that storage by cd \~/colbyhome.

Anyway, I don't have a full test of all 80 cores running, but based on 56 concurrent matlab workers we estimate 80 cores would be slightly over a 1.2 teraflop. I have not allowed the machine to crank all the way up because of

This machine was configured almost identically to nscc.

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