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Take the Global Climbing Tour

"Climbing" is moving through vertical terrain. The sport has diversified to the point that the term itself is almost meaningless. Climbers breathe hard in high altitude, crimp through techy sport climbs, plug gear on trad climbs, chip away at ice climbs, jug big walls, or all of the above. The many ways of moving through vertical terrain share a history of mutual development. The various forms of climbing are the foundation for a community of individuals across the globe who are connected by a shared commitment to, obsession with, and investment in moving through vertical terrain.

The climbing community is a transnational community, a community without physical boundaries. It is a community made possible by the relative ease of travel and communication over great distances. As you move through this site you will find an exploration into a diversity of experiences of the engagements, processes, and performances that constitute the climbing community. Follow the links to explore the dynamism and diversity of a group of people who share climbing in its many forms.

Note: all of the photos and the video on this website were taken by the author except where noted otherwise.

Take the Global Climbing Tour