Cole LaPlante's Project 1

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I used trial and error to find what positive x and what negative y value placed the octagon where it looked best.

Task 4:

I created stars of increasing sizes. What made the composition particularly interesting was the fact that they all had one corner that was exactly at (0,0).


Extension 1:


How can you use functions to create complexity with less code? Functions can create complexity when you ask functions to carry out functions inside of functions, importing a function from another line of code.

Pick a wall drawing by Sol LeWitt that you think is interesting. Why? Do you think you could write code for it in python?


A brief description (1-3 sentences) of what you learned. Think about the answer to this question in terms of the stated purpose of the project. What are some specific things you had to learn or discover in order to complete the project?


A list of people you worked with, including TAs and professors. Include in that list anyone whose code you may have seen, such as those of friends who have taken the course in a previous semester.

A list of any resources that you used.  This includes textbooks, lecture notes, python documentation, library documentation or forums.  If you used a specific website, please link to it.

Put the label cs151s20project# on your wiki pageI definitely think I could if I am able to figure out how to fill in shapes. The image is essentially just stars, but between each set of lines is a different color. It wouldn't be that hard to create a repeating order of three colors.


I learned the basics of using functions with python, and also the basics of parameters. I learned the process of making a project on TextWrangler, which is much more trial and error than anything else. I also learned the basic errors you can make while writing python code.