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This extension was quite simple.  As the instruction said, I just needed to create a new symbol in a rule, call elif case in drawString() function.  Because I wanted to berries, my new symbol was B.  For every B in characters, I used, which would look like berries.  Below is the image.


This week's project was difficult as usual but fun because L-system was a new concept.  I think project 7 was a mix of new concept like L-system and old ones like turtle and list.  I wish I could have came up with a nested for loop to created the grid because this project had many opportunities to use nested loops.

Sources, imported libraries, and collaborators:

Selim's write-up gave me an idea of using list and indexes to add parameters to the L-systems.  To do so, though, I needed to revisit my codes written from project 5.  Professor Skrien helped me to improve my codes as well.  I imported turtle, sys, and libraries I created from the lab.