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  • The Farnham Writer's Center website is full of great resources
  • This is great reference website for elements of style (grammar, clarity, punctuation, etc.) - you'll need to sign up for a free account
  • I found a good web-page that discusses scientific writing via Bates College.  It is based on writing a journal article and is generally applicable to grant proposal writing, except that you will use future tense in the proposal sections.
  • Here is some information on grant writing from the NIH.  This has much more information (specific to major NIH grant writing) than you'll need, but it's worth a look nevertheless.  It talks about some of the general strategies as you try to write compelling proposals.
  • A wonderful book you can read online, called "Write like a Chemist"
  • Here is Kevin's INBRE grant, funded in 2009. This is a much longer proposal than any you will write in this course, but you can get an idea of the level of detail appropriate for grant writing.