Frogger Jamison Sawyer

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   4. It will never blow your socks off but was one of the original video games ever and will always remain an enjoyable game to try out

Review (Zack Cecere):

Fun?: 3 == With a very simple build and fast pace, this game has both playability and difficulty. In other words, it is easy to jump in and it provides enough challenge and a classic score based incentive system to keep the user engaged, making it a pretty good game.

Learning Curve: 1 == Simple and intuitive controls mixed with a simple game concept (avoid or use objects the move in a regular pattern) make this game very easy to learn.

Visual Quality: 2 == The visual quality is just good enough to allow the user to decipher the differences between the various objects within the game. It looks rather dated.

Engaging: 3 == Although the simple concept mixed with the difficulty of a fast moving system should create an addicting game, I find myself wishing for more complexity. Perhaps it is just me, but repeatedly navigating a highly regular course does not appeal to me.

Recommendation: 3 == As a classic arcade game, you should probably play this at least once. However, given the lack of variation in the core concept of the game, there are likely more addicting games out there.