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Note- The code for this project is on the academic server under pwprosap name.
Another Note- I had to change many of my brackets to parentheses because the wiki page messed with the contents in side of the brackets.

The first task that we needed to completed was to create a function buildCollage() that would make a collage that has multiple pictures in it, and with new effects and different element. I then made a function putPixmapNoBlue() that does the same this as the putPixmap() function that we made last lab except that this new function won't transfer the blue background of the blue screen photos we use. We were then tasked to edit our buildCollage() function so that the sixth element in the collage information list would determine which function between putPixmap() and putPixmapNoBlue() to use. We then had to run our buildCollage() function with four photos in it. In the final task we needed to make another collage in which the pictures were placed in a triangular configuration.