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 -   The Edwards Dam stood at the head of tide on the Kennebec River in Augusta for over a century and a half. Like many dams across the state it served several purposes and affected the lives and interests of many. The removal of the dam in 1999 set a nation wide precedent, marking the first time in history that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered a decommissioning. Since then, the Edwards Dam has been seen as a model of dam decommissioning.

-   The lower [] Penobscot River Restoration Project effort could be the last great push for Atlantic salmon restoration in the United States.  Though 90% of all salmon who return to New England return to the Penobscot, the populations of migrating fish are slowly dwindling.  Should this effort prove unsuccessful, it is unlikely for the nation to devote much more time or money into the research and labor that comes with fish rescue.