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-Ext 1: Using BSTMap to keep track of neighbors

-Ext 3: Made the Wumpus appear in a different spot each time so each game is different

-Ext 5: Visually interesting (used images)

-Other ext: allowing user to specify rooms per line and dynamically changing map size


This project was the first time I used images*; I've always wanted to and never did, but I thought "If not now, then when?" when deciding to use them. It was very satisfying having them show up, and it was equally satisfying having the game respond to keystrokes, especially the arrow keys, because using WASD bothers me. This project taught me how to use enums, how to implement Dijkstra's algorithm, how to use and draw a BufferedImage, how to use the Control class, and how to represent infinity, among other things. It was also good practice in organization because of the number of classes, and I often found myself deleting redundant code that wanted to do something I'd already done somewhere else. Overall, it was a good experience, and I hope to make more games in the future, because this is what really interests me in CS.