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Producer (& stenographer):  Hannah

Executive Game Designer:  Adam

Programmer:  Kevin & Dan

Artist (video):  Sarah

Artist (audio):  Adam

Tester:  Dan

Many Icebergs Lots of FUN!!

We want to keep the mood of this game light-hearted and happy.  The graphics will be pleasing, yet simplistic, and we want the music to be cheerful.

Premise (Title page introduction) - Help guide Leroy through the field of icebergs to reunite him with his penguin family. Click the mouse to launch Leroy into a jump, and use the mouse to guide him to his next iceberg. Be careful, though, because the icebergs only last a few seconds before crumbling beneath Leroy's weight. For a special bonus, guide the hungry penguin over the flipping fish to help him on his journey home! And remember to move quickly because time matters... The faster you help Leroy navigate, the sooner he will reach his family!

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