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  • Project 4 The Warhol Project

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Then, I created a Warhol collage by cloning my pmap (my Pixmap that I assigned to be the image of myself). I cloned this image 4 times and then called different functions to execute   Image Removedexecuteon the four cloned maps. For example, this is how I cloned the pmap the first time and then called the MakeNegative function on it.

  Image Added

I, then, created a new Pixmap that was doubly wide and double the height of the original 'pmap' because I want all four cloned pmaps to fit in this new Pixmap. Each cloned map will fit into a quadrant of the new Pixmap.


What I learned:

I learned how a Pixmap can be used and how fun it is to manipulate images using Python. I didn't realize that r,g,b values were on a scale of 0-255, so playing around with the values to make a negative image was very interesting to learn.