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  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapter 4
  • I realize I could have also assigned Chapters 8, 11, and 12 last week. Obviously, this is a lot of 'reading,' but as with all of these reading assignements, it's more for reference, then absolute requirement.
  • Lecture 2 video 'due' by class time on Monday
  • Check the Class Schedule page for the literature assignments.
  • Here is the rubric for the oral presentation of the papers. Please remember that I will be also keeping track of the contribution of the summary-writers and of the questions asked of the rest of the clas
  • New policy:  Papers selected for presentation must be shared with Kevin at least three days prior to its presentation.
  • Here is the first writing assignment, due 2/23.


Week of 2/6
  • Welcome to CH444!
  • Assignments for Week 1
    • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 1-3 (The first two chapters should be review, feel free to skim)
    • Register for EDpuzzle here using this code: segidub
      • First, create an account in EDpuzzle by registering through "Google" as a 'student' using your Colby email credentials
    • Watch the first lecture video and complete the embedded quizzes (≈1 hour) - This is due by the start of class on Monday 2/11
    • Read this paper, from the most recent issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and write a paragraph (half page maximum) review. Focus on the experimental methods, particularly those presented in the reading and lecture video, and discuss your interpretation of the validity of the experimental approach. - This is due by the start of class on Monday 2/11
  • Intro slides