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I am not going to talk about swapRedBlue filter because it was created during lab.

Warhol Program:

Now I have to create Warhol program that would put those four filter images in a new blank image that is width*2 by height*2.  Think a new blank image as a picture frame.

Here are the steps of how Warhol program works: 1) constructs an image from contents of the given file, i.e. arg[1], which means the user input.  2) make four copies of the image using clone() command. 3) apply the four filter programs to the four copies. 4) then create the picture frame. 5) put or place the four filtered images into the picture frame by using placeImage() function that was created in the first step of the project. 5) finally, save the result to a new file.  The end-result would look like below.

Image Added.  


Blue Screen Effects:

This task is basically about creating a filter that would manipulate specific pixels by using conditional statement.

Image Added.  

Compare this with the loop command in the earlier part of this write-up.  The difference is that the filter would only apply to the pixels which g value is 1.7 times the red value and bigger than the blue value.  I added this condition because all I wanted to manipulate were the very green pixels of my background image.  

Image Added Image Added.  Note how the green pixels only turned into red pixels.












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