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=====Project 5=====

For this project we had to finally link all the files we have made over the past few weeks into one application. This application allows us to read in a file and interactively visualize it. 


1.) For the first step I had to create an update points method that was similar to our updateAxes function from last week. This way, when the axes moved the points would move as well.

2.) For the next step I had to edit/improve on the functionality I created in the lab. I had to create a new dialog box that would prompt the user to select what they wanted to graph on the x, y, and z axes. I did this by storing the headers of the csv files in a field in my display app and then passing that list to the dialog box. Then, the results of the user's selections were then passed through my buildPoints function. I added some increased functionality that would prompt the user to read in a file if one was not already read in before they hit the choose axes button.

3.) For the next step I added more code to my new dialog box and build points so that it could allow the user to select various colors and sizes of their points. In addition as an extension, I added in a shape option as well.

4-5.) These just asked me to test my code. See screenshots.



1.) For my extensions I chose to first add axes labels that stick to the axes when the user moves the axes around.

2.) For another extension, I chose to add some increased functionality. If no file had been opened and the user hit "choose axes", the application then would prompt the user to read in a file to avoid having a bunch of list boxes with no options since there was no file read in to provide headers.

3.) As another extension, I chose to add an option so that user could change the shape of the points. They can now use arcs and rectangles in addition to the default oval shape.


Overall from this project I learned how to develop python apps. In addition I would say I got a lot better at debugging and using print statements in my code. 

=====Worked With=====

Jay Moore, Bruce, TA Will