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This assignment was to get comfortable with editing an existing picture on the computer. We used JES to do this. There are functions already in JES, so it helped with altering the picture. Through the already existing functions, we used those to make new functions to change the picture. In addition to the grey version picture we created in class, we created three more new versions of our picture. Also, we learned how to add boarders to the picture.

The first version I created was a blue version. I did this by first making a duplicate of my original picture. I then got all the individual pixels in the picture and by using the for loop, set the red and green pixels to the blue channel. Next, I created a red version of my picture. I did this the same way I created the blue version, but I changed the blue and green pixels to the red channel. The next function I made was to produce a negative version of my picture. This also was done by using for loop, but the pixels were made into a new color (negColor) with pixel values being turned to 255 for each color.
The next function I created was to decrease the red in the picture. I did this by using for loop and changing all the red values to half of the value of the original picture. The final version I made was a vertical mirror picture. I did this by changing the right half of the picture to the values of the left half. For my extensions I added additional functions, mirrorV and decRed. Also, I used addRect (already in JES) to create a boarder for my greyVersion picture.

On this assignment, I learned how to change the color values of pixels using for loop. For loop is used to repeat an action multiple times instead of executing it for each individual pixel. Also, I learned how to create boarders for the picture using addRect. In the beginning, my negative version and mirror vertical version were appearing in one picture. I realized that on my negativeVersion function, I had used "pic" instead of "copy" so I was changing the original picture instead of the copy version. So, any time I viewed (show) a picture, it was be a negative version.