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This is the homepage for my projects in CS 333: Programming Languages. I am working with Izge Bayurt and our selected languages for this semester are C++ and JavaScript.


Language resources:






Project 1

Short descriptions of 5 programming languages: Project 1


Project 2

Hello World and the Monty Hall problem in C++: Project 2: C++

Loops in JavaScript: Izge's CS333 Project 2 (JavaScript)


Project 3

Variable naming, aggregate types, and binary search in C++: Project 3: C++

JavaScript: Izge's CS333 Project 3 (JavaScript)


Project 4

Control flow, function types, and merge sort in C++: Project 4: C++

JavaScript: Izge's CS333 Project 4 (JavaScript)


Project 5

Exploring polymorphism in C++ by implementing a linked list: Project 5: C++

JavaScript: Izge's CS333 Project 5 (JavaScript)


Project 6

User input, file I/O, and exceptions in C++: Project 6: C++

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