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Example of iFrame embed of Colby Apps Calendar

Preliminary steps in Colby Apps Calendar:

  • Create a new calendar for your purpose in Colby Apps Calendar by clicking "Add" under "My calendars"
  • Once calendar is created, click on "Settings" under "My calendars" and click on your new calendar in the list
  • In the "Embed This Calendar" field, copy the embed code to the clipboard
  • Click the "Share this calendar" tab and share the calendar with the access levels you'd like. For example, check "Share this calendar with others" box and then the "Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Colby Apps" and set level of access to see free/busy. Click save.

In Confluence:

  • Edit a page, go to Insert > Wiki Markup, enter a beginning and ending {html} macro and paste the embed code between the macros.


  • The embedded calendar is READ-ONLY, you must go to the Calendar app to create/edit events
  • If someone is not logged into Colby Apps when they go to a page with a non-public embedded calendar, they will be prompted to login and after login they will not be redirected back to the wiki but will see the calendar served directly from Google.
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