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Justin Gelwicks


Computer Science Project1

 Req Image #1:

When I first started coding req image 1 the shape was completely different; it was so satisfying to see the program align the shape that I started making many more shapes. I eventually settled on this one, as I figured what better way to

Req Image #2:

Here I tried to use a concept called ‘for loop’ to draw an n-gon that had a certain number of sides. However, even after wrestling with it for at least an hour, I could not get the code to work, so I just made a hexagon instead.

Req Image #3:

I tried to go above and beyond to start the hierarchy of functions extension. I called in my first shape multiple times in different places like the extension called for, however I used penup() to move them in very specific places to create a sun-like image and to keep the rest of the image pristine.

Req Image #4a and #4b:

It was tricky to find the right commands that would only alter the distance of the n-gon and not the “J’s” from shape one, however I wanted to do this not only to see if I could, but to make a prime example of knowledge of the distance function

Req Image #5:

I had a lot of fun with this one. I knew when laying multiple functions, for the last extension, with the shapes I made could create some pretty interesting patterns. This is the result of five different functions and now my work looks like it was made from the spirograph toy that we all had as kids.