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This project focused on implementing stacks as a data structure. A stack is a data structure stored like an array where the user can view the top item in the stack, add a new item to the top, or remove the top item. It's useful in this project because it allows the program to keep track while backtracking through the solver.


This project came with many parts. The math in this tended to be the most complicated part by muddling everything up. It was a project that tested if you knew the fundamentals because if you didn't you would get lost. The most interesting bit was the solve method in the Sudoku class. While I wasn't able to complete this method, I managed to solve about 75% of the puzzle on average. At that point, my program would enter an infinite loop.


This project primarily taught me the importance of knowing the basics of Java. Most of my issues existed because I wasn't sure how to properly return null or form the correct loop. I need to brush up on the basics before beginning the next project. However, I still feel as if I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of  Stack.


Admittingly, it would be better if this list was longer. Thanks to my two peers Erik Cohen and Ben Lawlor.