Lesson 1 - Simple Editing
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Edit this page

  1. Edit this page. Click the Edit Control in the upper right hand corner of this page, and then change something on this page. 
  2. After you select the Edit control, the Edit Toolbar will appear above the contents of this page. Do your text editing in the box beneath the Edit Toolbar. I like to Edit using the Rich Text option.  You may do lots of fancy stuff using Wiki Markup.   Full editing directions are available in the Wiki Markup mode.
  3. To change text, just position your cursor on the page and start typing. Use the Edit Toolbar buttons to add bullets or other special formatting.  || Don't worry about destroying my priceless work of art; it's just a web page, and besides, we can use the Info tab to restore a previous version! ||
  4. Click the Save button when done.

Colby is the best!!!!!!(smile)

Simple markup, attractive result.  This is an example of a table created using the table icon.


Super-Bowl Winner



New England


New England


Tampa Bay

Bulleted list:

  • Bullets are simple
  • As they should be
  • Use star for bullet
    • Multi-level bullets are simple too
      • Haha, I did it!

Numbered list:

  1. Numbered lists are also simple
  2. and useful!
  3. and use # for numbered lists

After you have successfully made changes to the page, and saved them, we will look at how Confluence provides page versioning.


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