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The Stuff I Bring to College

Each  year 1800+ Colby students pack up their belonging and drive, ship, or fly thousands of pounds of dorm "stuff" from all over the world to campus.  On your first day of your Colby orientation, you will help to determine the energy cost of this mass migration with an eye toward reducing dorm room waste and reducing each student's carbon footprint, while gaining a greater understanding of energy consumption and supporting the local economy in Maine.  Four different orientation groups will work collectively on this project.  Our project data and results will be disseminated using a Wiki through a program named Confluence.  A Wiki is a simple online database (for example, Wikipedia) that each of you will help to create and edit.

Your Assignment

Below are links to two data pages - the King Data Page and the Katz Data Page.   Students assigned to King's class should use the King link.  Students assigned to Katz's class should use the Katz link.  Your task: to document (in a data table and with photos) all the stuff you are bringing to college.   Make a list of everything that you are bringing.  Estimate the mass and volume of each group of items (clothing, electronics, bedding, books, etc).   As a reference, recognize that the mass and volume of a liter of water weighs 1 kg and has a volume of 0.001 cubic meters.  For all electrically powered devices make a more specific list describing each item by name, function, and power consumption (amps, volts, or watts). To complete your assignment, add your data to your group's data page.  Example data is provided on each page.  We have also provided a short tutorial on how to create and edit a wiki (Confluence Wiki Directions).

Your Data

King Data Page

Katz Data Page

Agenda for 8/27/2008

Class Results

What is energy and how do we make it, measure it, and sell it?

What is the energy content of fuels?

How much energy was used to get to campus?

How much energy was used to make your stuff? 

How much energy does an average dorm room use? 


Useful Information

The Green Guide


Colby Energy Consumption and Initiatives

Utilities Information

Green Initiative

Our Recommendations

What to bring/not to bring to campus?

A campus sustainability agenda 

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  1. I've been working on this for like 90 minutes and I've tried uploading the pictures three different ways.  I have a ton of photos but I can't upload them to the site.  I'm just getting really frustrated so I'm probably just going to print them and bring them to orientation.

    1. Hi Courtney,

      I'm about 99% sure that the problem you are having is that your images have exclamation points in the file name (Packing for College! 020.JPG). The images are uploaded and you can see they are attached to the King data page. The problem starts when you try to insert the image and the exclamation point causes the wiki system fits. I went to the attachment page linked above, clicked edit next to "Packing for College! 020.JPG" and changed it to "Packing for College 020.JPG" and it works:


      Also, make sure you add your info in a comment at the bottom of the King data page, not in the page itself.

      Good luck,

      (Academic ITS)

  2. I'm so confused! I've tried to attach the pictures, but every time i do, they come out huge. I resize them by dragging the corners down and it appears small but when i post it, they all come out massive.I tried to resize them several times, but for now my comment takes up a giant amount of space.

    1. I fixed the photos with a note on how I did it on the King data page for others to view.  For some reason the drag feature only works if the photos are below a certain sizeand your photos were huge.   I made them 10X smaller and all is good.