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8/2008 Research Corporation - Data from Bets Brown

April of this year we sent you an announcement about newly implemented changes to award programs at Research Corporation.  This email is a follow-up to that communication with specific links to information and the application process for faculty.  We thought it might be helpful, as the Foundation enters a new application cycle and as colleges and universities begin a new academic year, to provide this information in electronic form so that you may easily forward it to department chairs or faculty as you deem appropriate.

Research Corporation has recently expanded eligibility for its Cottrell College Science Award program.  Prior to this year, eligibility required that an applicant be from a department of Chemistry, Physics or Astronomy. Eligibility has been broadened to include faculty from other science departments as long as the research that they are proposing significantly overlaps with one of these three core disciplines. Complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements can be found at:

The application process has also changed to reflect the expanded eligibility.  It begins with a brief (ca. 5 minute) online eligibility quiz (  which, when successfully taken, directs the applicant to instructions to complete a two-page pre-proposal that includes a 200-word abstract and, if the applicant is from a department outside a core discipline, a 50-word description of how the proposed work overlaps with one or more of the three core disciplines.  These pre-proposals are reviewed by Foundation scientific staff and applicants whose pre-proposals best fit Foundation guidelines are invited to submit a full application.  

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