Using Backup and Restore to Copy Course Site Data to a New Term
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Watch a tutorial video on how to use backup and restore to copy course site data

To copy Moodle course site data from an existing or archived course site, you must first back up the course site data in Moodle, download it to your computer, go to the new course site in the Moodle instance for a the term, upload the backed up data to the new couse site and restore it.

Backing Up

1. Go to the Moodle course site you want to backup (or copy data from).

2. Click on "Backup" in the Administration Block

3. Make sure "All" items on the left-hand side are checked (or selectively choose the activities and resources you want to copy to the new course site)

4. Click on "None" on the right-hands side to exclude student data (for a new course site, you probably don't want to copy over the student data from the previous class).

5. In the second section of the course backup page, adjust the menus to look like this:
Users = None
Logs = No
User Files = No
Course Files = Yes
Site Files = Yes
Grade Histories = No

6. In the third section of the course backup page select "None":

7. Click "Continue"

A notice will appear  warning you that you have selected to NOT include any student data. This is what you want...

A listing of all the data being backed up is displayed

8. At the bottom of the listing, click "Continue"

Moodle will now create a zip file backup of your course site data.

A summary will appear on your screen:

Note: If any errors occur during this task, they will appear on this screen in red text. If you have errors, try the procedure again from the start. If you still have errors, contact Technical Training at 4217 for assistance.

9. Your course site should now be backed up, click "Continue" and you will be automatically placed in the "Backupdata" folder of the course site file repository.

10. Click on the zip file to download a copy to your computer (this is so you can upload it to your course site for a new term).

Restoring a Moodle Course

1. Go to the new Moodle course site into which you want to restore (copy) your old course site data.

2. Click on "Restore" in the Administration Block

3. Click on "Upload a File"

Browse to select the backup zip file and click "Open." NOTE: Some computers are configured to automatically unzip downloaded files. If your backup file from step 10 above was unzipped, you will need to zip it again before it can uploaded in this step. In the Finder on a Mac, right click on the backup folder and chose "Compress <foldername>."  On Windows, right click on the folder in Windows Explorer and chose "Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder."

4. Click "Upload this file"

5. Once the file is uploaded, click on "Restore" in the file repository "Action" column.*

6. Click "Yes" when Moodle displays a warning asking whether you want to continue.

7. Moodle will display a summary of the action to be performed, click "Continue"

8. Under "Restore to" select "Current course, deleting first" and click "Continue."

This assumes you wish to completely replace the new course site with the data from the old one. In some case you may wish to select "Restore to: Current course, adding data to it" to append the backed up data to the existing course site

Moodle will display the restore announcement and warn that it may take a considerable amount of time depending on how large the backup file is.

9. Click on "Restore this course now!"

When the restore is complete, Moodle will display a listing of the items it restored.

10. Click "Continue".

And your course site will be restored as it was when you backed it up.

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