Roadmap to Getting Started with Moodle
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To get started with Moodle, the very first thing you should do is read about course management systems and why Moodle is used at Colby and then...
1. Enroll yourself in Moodle demonstration course sites and look around...

 2. Watch videos about using Moodle (you can also right-click links on a PC or Ctrl-click on Mac to save movies locally, all require the latest version of Quicktime)...

3. Read the Faculty Quickstart Guide for Moodle and reference Moodle Docs to learn more about Moodle functions.

4. Log into to begin working in your course sites (NOTE: course sites are created automatically based on the Registrar's records so if you are a faculty member but are not teaching during the current term, you won't have any course sites).

If you have questions about using Moodle, please contact Ellen Freeman ( or X-4234)

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