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Describe the standardization process (review the job file sequencing and the mathematics)

Printing (format output)

Review the mathematics behind ICalization

Nebulizer optimization, position, flow rate, particles and cells - play with a power in incriments of 10 (max 50 watt change) look at raw intensities of the blank, and look at phasing of detector (12000 CPS)

Yellow analytical errors? - look at the tutorial

Factor vs offset - they seem backwards - check

negative signals seem to cause yellow errors????

What is the difference between red and yellow errors??

Can you manually standardize???   - yes in the analysis window, method mesasurements, tab standardize

Can you automate (use autosampler) in Transient mode?  - dream on

 When saving in Transient mode, what reads CDF file/why does it save in CDF? - look for a commercial chromatography package.

When exporting to ACSII, why does the file save name always come out with the same name (can't remember exactly, but came out something like "saiexportfile").  If the PREVIOUS ACSII export had not been renamed/moved to another folder, it is overwritten, is there any way to circumvent? And explain this process in depth.

Can you reload previous transient tests back into transient and look at them again or do you have to export them to another program, such as excel?

 plasma flicker (2/6/09): Flicker in plasma upon ignition, not stabilizing-due to moisture bubble in the glass tubing between the torch and the nebulizer due to worn pump line.  Replaced pump and waste line and dried out the glass tubing with air.  Reflushed and ignited. Watched for proper drainage and plasma stabiliztion. -trixon X

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