Weekly OPI Cleaning
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-Cleaning of the OPI face plate needs to once a week when the ICP is being used heavily.
1. Remove glass plate which encompasses the nebulizer/ assorted tubing. Remove metal plate thet covers the torch by unscrewing each of the four screws (1/4 turn each)
2. Unscrew the nut on the right end of the torch

3. Slide plasctic cover down the tubes attatched to the bottom of the torch (important that cover is slid back up when putting everything back together)
4. Slide mother/daughter disconnects off (colars slide)

5. Unscrew giant brass screw (toward you), then pull out torch

6. Un-do the two disconnects of the cooling water tubes for the OPI

7. Unscrew OPI 1/8 turn towards you and remove (disconnect small tube at the back/bottom of the OPI)
8. Unscrew OPI face plate (special tool)

  • Scrub the face blate with scrub brush (do not get other piece wet)
  • Rinse face plate with isopropyl alcohol to ensure there is no remaining water, Dry
  • Screw face plate back on
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