General Boat Notes
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  • If engine keeps stalling above idle, check gas line for kinks and pump the bulb until firm.
  • Dead battery: Apply jumper cables (from grey-topped box) from ports on generator to battery (red goes to battery cathode, black goes to battery anode). Run the generator and start the engine normally.
  • Gas: Always mix in the fuel additive when filling the gas tank. Check the instructions on the bottle to determine how many ounces need to be used.
  • Generator
    -Oil: Will need to be refilled periodically throughout season; fill with labeled bottle until level is just below the port at the rear of the generator.
    -Changing oil (beginning of season): unscrew bolt located directly below the filling port with collection bottle underneath. Keep the cap slightly over the hole to limit the rate of outflow and prevent excess spilling. Some spilling is inevitable. Wipe it up with paper towels; it won't kill you. It helps to have the filling port open so as to reduce suction preventing oil outflow. After draining, replace the bolt and refill the reservoir with new oil to a level just below the lip of the filling port. Screw the filling-port cap back on.
    -Operation: Pull choke out; can use either electric or hand start (pull rope with handle hard). Push choke back in a few seconds after successful start. If the generator won't start, try checking the choke. The choke lever should not pull out more than about an inch. If it pulls out significantly further, there is a minor mechanical error inside that can be remedied easily. More to come on that.
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